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Apprenticeships at East Sussex County Council

Becoming an apprentice

Is it mandatory for new staff?

Some roles at the Council will require you to undertake a vocational qualification. However, if you already have the required or a related qualification, you will not need to undertake any further training.

And in some roles, you can elect to do an apprenticeship: if there is an apprenticeship standard or framework that is related to your role, then there is funding available for you to access this training. All training would need to be agreed by your line manager.

Who can apply

Apprenticeships are now open to all ages and to existing and new members of staff, including those with higher educational qualifications.

How to apply

  • If you are looking for an apprenticeship at the Council, then search for a job with apprenticeship in the job description.
  • If you already work with us and you would like to undertake an apprenticeship standard, then please talk with your manager.

Costs and salaries

We provide the training for staff through our apprenticeship levy contribution and there are no costs to you or your team’s budget.

You will not take a pay cut if you undertake apprenticeship training. Whatever pay scale you are employed at will apply throughout your training.