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Apprenticeships at East Sussex County Council

About our apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have changed

From May 2017, apprenticeships at East Sussex County Council changed due to the national apprenticeship levy.

This means that a certain proportion of our vacancies have apprenticeship vocational training standards attached to them.

The rules around what classifies as an apprenticeship have changed and the levels of training available for our employees now ranges from Level 2 to Level 7. Each of these levels has an equivalent in education levels ranging from GCSE to bachelor’s or master’s degree.

We are committed to staff growing their careers and accessing this training free of charge.

Different types of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are now suitable for a much wider selection of vocational roles – from business administration and care through eventually to careers in occupational therapy, social work and teaching among many others.

Apprentice training is available for both new and existing staff:

  • Entry Level – For people new to the workplace who are undertaking a year-long placement and a Level 2 qualification. These roles are paid at an apprenticeship salary scale.
  • Professional Development Plan – For both new and existing staff who will be undertaking an apprenticeship standard and gaining a vocational qualification. These positions are paid at the existing salary scales for the role.

An apprenticeship standard shows what an apprentice will be doing and the skills they need. The list is growing and the current apprenticeship standards are available on GOV.UK.