Ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea)

Ash dieback has now been confirmed in Sussex. For detailed information, including:

  • what the Government and other groups are doing
  • reducing the risk of spread
  • a map of confirmed sites
  • how to report suspected cases

see Ash dieback – Forestry Commission website.

Report a suspected case of ash dieback

Phone: 0131 314 6414 – Forestry Commission

AshTag app

A free app for IOS and Android smartphones called Ashtag helps you spot symptoms of the disease and report suspected sightings, see the AshTag website.

Woodland managers and countryside workers

For guidance about biosecurity, cleaning tools and equipment, see:

Orange signs will be displayed at entrances to publicly accessible wooded sites that are within 10km2 of a confirmed infection. Blue signs will be displayed in other areas.

Countryside visitors and householders

The risk of spreading the disease by visiting a forested area is very low, but you can help by following advice from the Forestry Commission website – Advice to forest visitors.

Contact us

For more details on ash dieback, contact our Dutch Elm Disease Officer.