Reducing waste – what you can do


It's easy to do and great for your garden. Find out more about composting and how you can get hold of composting bins, food waste digesters and water butts.

Avoiding food waste

An estimated £470 worth of food is wasted each year per household in the UK. Find out how you can save money and help the environment by cutting down on the food you throw away.

Junk mail

Find out how you can reduce unwanted mail.

Shopping, packaging and carrier bags

Smarter shopping can reduce your impact on the environment. Get tips on how to make better choices that can benefit the planet and save you money.

Furniture re-use and recycling

Find out where you can donate unwanted but useful furniture, or find items to furnish your home on a budget.

Washable nappies

Using washable nappies is great for the environment and can save you money too.