Electrical waste


Our household waste recycling sites (‘tips’) have reopened. However, with social distancing necessary, the service is restricted, there may be queues, and you should only travel to a site if absolutely necessary. See Coronavirus – rubbish and recycling in East Sussex.

Mountfield Household Waste Recycling Site - due to road traffic works on the A2100 between 29 June to 29 July, the site can only be accessed from the south/Battle direction.

Electrical waste includes anything that is powered by electricity or batteries, from phones and hairdryers to fridges and washing machines, computers and televisions.

Where can I recycle electrical waste?

  • Household waste recycling sites – accept any electrical waste from home. Special containers are provided to ensure these items are collected separately so they are recycled or disposed of safely rather than being thrown away.
  • Residents in Hastings Borough, Rother District and Wealden District Council areas can recycle small electrical items from home like irons, toasters, radios, hairdryers and phones with their recycling or rubbish collection service. Items must be small enough to fit in a plastic carrier bag, and the bag placed on top of the recycling or rubbish bin on the usual day of collection. Please do not place these items inside your bins. Batteries (if removable) must be placed in a separate bag again on top of the bin.
  • Retailer take back schemes – some retailers take back old electrical goods when you buy a new item from them.

Help for businesses

Contact the following companies about their commercial recycling collection service:

Fluorescent tubes and energy saving bulbs

These contain small amounts of mercury, which is a hazardous waste and should not be placed in your dustbin.

  • Household waste recycling sites – accept tubes and energy saving bulbs from home for recycling.
  • If you break an energy saving bulb, open a window for 15 minutes, put the broken glass into a sealed plastic bag and take to your local household waste recycling site.
  • More information about disposing of these bulbs can be found on the Recolight website.

Help for businesses

Contact the following companies about their commercial recycling collection service:

Mobile phones
Mobile phones

Fridges and freezers

By law all CFC gases used in refrigeration equipment has to be removed and destroyed before the main unit is recycled or disposed of.

Help for businesses

The following companies may also be able to provide a recycling service:


Some organisations accept working computers and monitors for refurbishment provided they meet certain standards:

Help for businesses

Try the organisations listed above. Alternatively, try your supplier as many provide a take-back service.

Mobile phones


Household chemicals from your own home, except petrol, can be taken in small quantities to your local household waste recycling site. Please make sure they are in a sealed container and clearly labelled. Contact us for advice if you are unable to get to your local site or need to dispose of:

  • large amounts of chemicals
  • petrol.

Contact us for more information

If you have any questions about waste recycling or disposal, please contact the Waste Team.

The details given above in no way imply a recommendation or endorsement by the County Council.