SEEAWP Minutes

The aggregate working parties provide technical advice about the supply and demand for aggregates (including sand, gravel and crushed rock) to the mineral planning authorities for the area and to inform the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

The Council is a member of the South East England Aggregates Working Party (SEEAWP). Being a member helps to fulfil the Council’s duty to co-operate with other mineral planning authorities in the south east to ensure an adequate supply of minerals for the area. The minutes of the SEEAWP meetings since 2013 can be found below.


SEEAWP Minutes – 19 March 2013

SEEAWP Minutes – 3 July 2013

SEEAWP Minutes – 13 November 2013

SEEAWP Minutes – 9 July 2014

SEEAWP Minutes – 27 October 2014

SEEAWP Minutes – 23 February 2015

SEEAWP Minutes – 10 Nov 2015