About the Planning Register

The county council’s Planning Register is a searchable database that contains information related to planning applications and enforcement cases concerning:

  • waste (such as landfill sites or waste water treatment works)
  • minerals (such as chalk, gravel and sand extraction or mining)
  • our own development (such as schools, libraries or roads).

For all other types of development, contact your local district or borough council.

Current limitations

The Planning Register is a work in progress, which was launched in October 2007 and follows government guidelines on the information it contains.

At the moment, planning applications and enforcement cases are listed in a basic text format. As the system is new, some records will have more information than others, although work is ongoing to update all records.

Currently only some documents are available to download. We are working on scanning documents for planning applications and enforcement cases going back 10 years. We will then begin scanning in all the relevant documents for all other applications and cases.

Where applicable, we will eventually include all available documents associated with each application. These may include some or all of the following:

  • application form
  • plans
  • site notice
  • Planning Committee minutes and reports
  • decision notice
  • statements about environmental impact.

If you need to see documents that are currently unavailable please contact the Planning Policy and Development Management Team.

What can I look up?

You can use this system to:

  • find out about applications for planning permission
  • view decision notices for planning applications
  • send us comments or objections on current planning applications
  • find out what planning conditions have been applied to developments
  • find out what has been done about breaches of planning control, when an enforcement notice has been issued.

Help using the Planning Register

For help and search tips, see our page on Using the Planning Register.

Contact us

If you have any questions related to the Planning Register, or need some help, contact the Planning Policy and Development Management Team.