Planning enforcement and site monitoring

We are the planning enforcement authority for minerals and waste development in East Sussex. The district and borough and councils also have some responsibility for planning enforcement but any minerals or waste queries including reporting potential breaches, should start with us.

We can take action to stop works and restore land to its previous condition where:

  • waste or minerals development or operations are taking place without planning permission
  • the terms of a planning permission already granted are being breached.

All other breaches of planning control, are the responsibility of the relevant district or borough council.

The Government’s Planning Practice Guidance (Enforcement and post-permission matters) provides a good summary of what our enforcement powers are, how and when we should (and shouldn’t) use them, and the tools that are available to us to deal with breaches of planning control.

If you suspect that there has been a breach of planning control please inform us by emailing

When you report a potential breach of planning control, we will keep your details and identity confidential. This is in accordance with Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.

Site monitoring policy

When planning permission for a development or use is granted there are usually conditions attached to it, such as hours of working or number of vehicle movements allowed per day. These conditions are for specific planning reasons. They may be to minimise disruption during development or protect particular areas, such as trees.

It is important to monitor sites to make sure that all conditions are met during development or use, and to minimise the likelihood of planning permission being breached. Find out more from our Site Monitoring Policy, below.

Enforcement of planning control: Site monitoring policy