Movement and Access Strategy for Hailsham and Hellingly (MASHH)

The Movement and Access Strategy for Hailsham and Hellingly (MASHH) was completed in November 2012 and is used to inform East Sussex County Council (and Wealden District Council) about the transport infrastructure required in Hailsham and Hellingly to support developments recently constructed and future development up to 2027 as part of the Wealden District Council Core Strategy.

The document identifies a number of mitigating measures ranging from new roundabouts and traffic lights to short sections of footway and pedestrian crossings.

A Steering Group of local members and council officers has been set up to prioritise and take forward the feasibility designs to implementation. Council Officers from East Sussex County Council, Wealden District Council and Hailsham Town Council are all present on the Steering Group.

Hailsham town centre

You can find out about our specific plans for Hailsham town centre on the East Sussex Highways website.