Highway Extent Searches (Highway Boundaries)

Highway Extent Search (Highway Boundaries) - Uses & Ordering

Common Highway Extent Search plan uses include:

  • Identifying if and where a property abuts the Highway.
  • Identifying the type(s) of Highway in the vicinity of a property.
  • For use in conveyancing reports.
  • Locating sites to install public infrastructure (Statutory Undertakers).
  • Establishing the responsibility for maintenance of a road, pavement (footway), or verge.

Highway Extent Searches are charged as follows:

  • 1 x Highway Extent Plan - £42.84 Including VAT @ 20%
    • 1 x Highway Extent Plan is usually enough to cover the extent of a property. More than one plan would normally only be required for development sites or agricultural land.
    • Each additional plan required to cover the area searched would be charged at an additional £42.84.
  • Additional Questions, as part of a Highway Extent Search - £27.00 Including VAT @ 20%

Send your search requests and plans by email to highwaysearches@eastsussex.gov.uk and we will raise an invoice for you to pay online.

Highway Extent Search Results

Standard Highway Extent Results include:

  • An official plan clearly identifying areas of Highway.
  • A covering email to describe what is shown on the plan.

Multiple Question Highway Extent Search Results include:

  • An official plan clearly identifying areas of Highway.
  • A Highway Extent report. Including specific information relating to nearby highway improvements and implementations.

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