CON29 Highway search – Local Authority Search

What is a Local Authority Search/Local Land Charge Search?

A local authority search and a local land charge search are two different names for the same thing. They are a two-part search carried out when property or land is valued, purchased or leased. The first part of the search is done by district and borough councils who look at the land register to see whether the property or land being purchased is affected by matters such as tree preservation orders or listed building status.

The second part of the search is then passed to us to supply information about public highways, Rights of Way matters and Common Land that may affect a property or land

The Highway Land Information team answer queries on the series of standard enquiries in relation to the highway aspects of the second part of a search which is known as the CON29R

East Sussex County Council is only able to respond directly to enquiries made regarding highway matters. If you wish to carry out an official full local authority search (which will include the highway questions) or a search of the Local Land Charges Register, you will need to contact the relevant District or Borough Council.

To apply for a full CON29 Highway search please contact your local District or Borough Council.

Eastbourne Borough Council

Rother District Council

Wealden District Council

Lewes District Council

Hastings Borough Council

South Downs National Park

You can use our CON29 service in order to get responses for the individual highway questions you require.

For more information on the cost of individual questions, please see our CON29 Charges Page.

Information provided under the enhanced service is checked and verified by a Council Officer with an undertaking to provide the data within 3 working days (unless otherwise advised). The information supplied will be certified and insured by the Council. Information provided under the EIR service will be supplied as it is with no additional checks and should be provided as soon as reasonably practical but within 20 working days (or 40 working days for voluminous requests; the customer will be advised accordingly). Requests for environmental information under the EIR should be directed to the County Council Freedom of Information Team by emailing

CON29 – Questions breakdown

A brief description of the CON29 Enquiries of Local Authority (2016) highway questions are listed below:

Highway status as included on the List of Highways Maintainable at Public Expense (please note we will only confirm whether a road is publicly maintainable or not, we will not confirm the roads’ extent)

Find adopted roads in East Sussex

Question 2.1a

Highways maintainable at public expense.

Question 2.1b

This is where the road is subject to adoption under a Section 38 Agreement.

Question 2.1c

This is where the road is not publicly maintainable, but the County Council has the power to make up the road to adoptable standard and recharge each of the properties who have a boundary to the road, on a pro rata basis.

Question 2.1d

This is similar to question 2.1c, but in this case without reclaiming the cost from the frontages.

Question 3.2

Land to be acquired for road works.

Question 3.4

Nearby Road Schemes – within 200 metres (approved by the council but not implemented or as notified to the council by the Secretary of State)

Question 3.5

Nearby Proposed Railway Schemes – within 200 metres

Question 3.6 a) to l)

Traffic schemes, stopping ups, minor improvements, residents parking, cycle tracks, pedestrian crossing and bridge construction (approved by the County Council but not implemented)

Question 3.7(e)

Outstanding Notices relating to highways

Question 3.7(g)

Flood and coastal erosion risk management

Question 3.12

Compulsory Purchase Orders

Con29 O – Optional Enquiries of Local Authority (2016)

Question 4a and b

Major road proposals by private bodies – within 200 metres

Optional Enquiry 21

Flood defence and land drainage consents.

Personal searches of highway records

The information required in order to answer the highway aspects of the CON29R is available to inspect free of charge.

If you would like to inspect the records you will need to formally request an appointment under the Environmental Information Regulations, by submitting your request to, Freedom of Information.

  • All requests for inspection under the Environmental Information regulations (EIR) must be submitted to the FOI Team and also to
  • At the time of submitting your request you can ask for a specific time and date. The Highway Land Information Team will check availability and confirm this with you or agree an alternative date/time.
  • All information must be received no later than 2 full working days before the appointment. For example, if we receive your request on Monday the appointment will be no earlier than Thursday.
  • Hourly slots can be booked, which is normally adequate for inspection, but a double slot can be requested if required on an occasional basis.
  • A regular weekly hourly time slot can be requested if it is available, however this time slot cannot be guaranteed indefinitely.
  • Once the EIR request has been made no additions can be added. Any additions will become new requests and must be sent to the FOI/Highway Land Information Team at least 2 full working days before the appointment
  • Plans must be provided for each property in addition to the specific questions you require the data for or we will not be able to process it.
  • The information supplied through personal inspections will be supplied as it is, with no additional checks or interpretation of data.

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