Highway Land Information

The Highway Land Information Team (HLIT) provide information about the public highway including:

  • Information regarding Highway boundary issues

  • CON29 Highway questions

  • Information regarding proposed new roads or alterations to existing roads

  • Information regarding road adoptions

  • Information regarding private developments that may affect the public highway

  • Provision of plans to show highway extent

What is a highway?

A highway is a way over which the public have a right to pass and repass and may or may not be publicly maintained. Normally the highway consists of carriageway footway and verge but can also be a footpath, bridleway or cycleway.

The public highway in East Sussex is maintained by East Sussex County Council. If it is a Trunk Road (e.g. A27) it is the responsibilty of The Highways Agency, Dorking.

Highway Boundary Plan (Highway Extent)

If you require information on the extent of the highway you will need to request a highway boundary plan

CON29 Highway Search – Local Land Charges

If you require CON29 highway search answers and general information

Find adopted roads in East Sussex

If you require to find adopted roads in East Sussex (roads maintained at public expense)

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