Commenting on a planning application

Before commenting on an application

If you feel you will be affected by a planning application, you should try to view the plans before sending any comments. These can be downloaded from individual planning application pages.

Depending on the location of the proposed changes, hard copies of plans can also be inspected at:

Communities, Economy & Transport Department
County Hall
St Anne’s Crescent
Lewes BN7 1UE

or at the relevant local district and borough planning offices:

For further details about a development, please contact the Planning Development Control team.

What to consider when commenting

Remember that any comments you send us will be in the public domain and may be read by anyone.

You may decide that you are satisfied in general with a development proposal but concerned about one particular aspect. Please let us know, as your views will help us decide which aspects of a development are either unsatisfactory or may cause concern to local residents.

Sometimes objections are raised on non-planning grounds. In general, the committee cannot take into account matters such as:

  • loss of property value
  • loss of view
  • existing problems that are not directly related to the proposal.

You may find it helpful to consider the following points before writing to us. Not all will apply in every case:

  • if the application is to change the use of land or buildings, do you think that the new use is suitable for the area?
  • if the application is for the construction or alteration of buildings or other works, what do you think of the general appearance, the scale, height and design of the development?
  • will the development affect you by loss of daylight, over-shadowing or loss of privacy?
  • is the development likely to cause you any disturbance or nuisance, eg noise or extra traffic?

Any member of the public is allowed under law to see any letters of objection to a proposal.

How to send us your comments

Until a decision has been made, a link that says ‘Comment on this application’ will be available on a planning application page. If there is no link, the consultation period is closed and we are no longer accepting comments.

No acknowledgement will be sent to you on receipt of your comments but you will be informed of the final decision.

What happens next?

Your comments will be taken into account at the appropriate Planning Committee meeting, when it is decided whether planning permission should be granted or not.