Section 19 Investigations

What is a Section 19 Investigation?

As the Lead Local Flood Authority, we may carry out a formal investigation under Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, where a significant flood event has occurred. The aim of this investigation is to identify which risk management authority has responsibilities and whether it is proposing to respond.

This power is discretionary, and it is for the Lead Local Flood Authority to decide whether a formal investigation is necessary or appropriate; as formal investigations are both time and resource intensive. Therefore, use of this power will be proportionate to the impact of the flood.

For further details on what constitutes a significant flood risk, please see page 25 the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.

The results of our Section 19 investigations are published below:

Eastbourne – 2015

Eastbourne – August 2015

Hailsham – 2015

Hailsham – August 2015

Hunloke Avenue, Eastbourne – 2019

Hunloke Avenue, Eastbourne – 2019

Brooklyn Road, Seaford – 2021

Brooklyn Road, Seaford – 2021