Flooding advice

How to get flood warnings and prepare for a flood, and what to do afterwards including advice about making an insurance claim.

Lead Local Flood Authority

Our responsibilities as Lead Local Flood Authority for East Sussex.

Ordinary watercourse consent

If you intend to carry out work which may affect the flow of water within an ordinary watercourse, you may need to apply to us for consent.

Local flood risk management strategy

Our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy sets out how we plan to manage local flood risk.

Sustainable drainage systems

Sustainable drainage systems in East Sussex.

Asset register

Lead Local Flood Authorities are required to maintain a register of assets which have a significant impact on flood risk.

Riparian ownership

Do you have a ditch near you? You may be a riparian owner

Surface water management plans

Our surface water management plans help us to understand the flood risk that arises from local flooding

Section 19 Investigations

Investigations carried out into significant flood events by the Lead Local Flood Authority.