The Historic Environment Record (HER)

***COVID-19 status update: East Sussex HER remains open for search enquiries and data provision. HER Staff are working from home and Internet permitting will endeavour to provide our normal service level.***

The county’s known archaeological and historic sites are mapped and described in a database called the East Sussex Historic Environment Record (HER). There are around 21,000 recorded archaeological sites on the HER so far.

What information does the HER contain and what is it used for?

The East Sussex HER holds informations dating from the Palaeolithic period (c.800,000 years ago) up to 20th Century monuments. There are a range of sites, from those well-known such as Lewes Castle and Battle Abbey, to sites only known from aerial photographs and lidar analysis.

The information is used:

  • to provide advice in many aspects of the planning process and help manage the county’s heritage in a sustainable way.
  • as a valuable research tool, used by students, local archaeologists, historians and members of the public.

East Sussex HER charging policy

Full HER searches

You may like to request a full search of the HER database. Archaeological contractors or consultants often request this search in the preparation of a detailed desk-based heritage impact assessment which is required on the majority of major planning applications and applications on sites where the significance of and/or potential for heritage assets to be impacted is high.

Please contact us before applying to ensure that you order the correct data and area of coverage as refunds cannot be made once an order is processed. You can apply and pay for this service online at:

Follow the link to view a map of the Archaeological Notification Areas in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove.

HER consultation reports

You may be required to submit an HER consultation report in order to validate your application for non-major and/or householder developments which affect Listed Buildings or if the site is located in an Archaeological Notification Area. It sets out summary information about the location and extent of known heritage assets and archaeological potential and is used by the applicant in the preparation of a Heritage Statement.

Please contact us before applying to ensure that you order the correct data as refunds cannot be made once an order is processed. You can apply and pay for a consultation report online at:

Using the HER for research

The HER database is now available online via The Keep website. You can use this data for your personal research – this information is not meant for commercial purposes or to be published without prior permission.

The database is also available for research only by kind assistance of English Heritage via the Heritage Gateway website.


Please contact the HER Officer for any enquiries about the HER database and the searches available:

Phone: 01273 336378

Email: HER Officer

Postal address: HER Officer, The Keep, Woollards Way, Brighton BN1 9BP

For information on how we handle data please see our privacy notices for our HER search service and data supplied in HER submissions.