Teaching assistants


1. Training and progression


There are many qualifications for TAs. They include:

  • Modern Apprenticeships
  • National Vocational Qualifications
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant Status.

Some go on to become qualified teachers.

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Status (HLTA)

HLTAs are senior support staff with a greater responsibility. HLTA is a status, not a qualification. You must have:

  • at least two years experience as a TA (or in a related post)
  • a Level 2 qualification in literacy and numeracy.

You can find a test centre on the Learndirect website.

Progression from TA to teacher

A TA role can be a useful step to becoming a fully qualified teacher. Many schools and academies recruit TAs with degrees to train them to become a teacher. A number of universities offer in-service degrees to TAs.

East Sussex runs a School-Centered Initial Teacher Training cohort each year. Half of these have previously been a TA.

More details on becoming a teacher.

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