Apply to become a school governor

We welcome applications from people over the age of 18, from all backgrounds, who can commit 5–8 hours per month. Schools are particularly keen to hear from people with some business skills.

You don’t have to be a parent but your application will be subject to some legal requirements, such as an enhanced DBS check.

To register your skills and be matched to a governor vacancy in your area, you can visit either of these websites:

  • Inspiring Governance
    Connecting volunteers interested in serving as governors and trustees with schools in England. Also provides free, expert support for volunteers and governing boards. If you would like to become a school governor, register with Inspiring Governance to find a vacancy near you. Once you are appointed through their service, you will have access to free expert support and training provided by the National Governance Association (NGA).
  • Governors for Schools
    A charity that matches volunteers to vacancies in their local schools, based on the skills and experience they bring. Governors for Schools provide e-Learning modules and webinars to prepare and support you in your role, as well as access to The Key, a leading organisation that provide support to schools. Complete the application form and Governors for Schools will contact you with schools that need you and can give you board experience at any point in your career.

Applying to a specific school

If you know which school you would like to volunteer at, you can also contact them directly, see: Schools in East Sussex.

Local authority governors

Local authority (LA) governors are nominated for appointment by the local authority. See Apply to become a Local Authority Governor.

Parent or staff governors

Parent governors are elected by other parents from a school, when a vacancy arises. Staff governors are elected by other school staff.

Foundation governors

Appointed by the local diocese. For more information, contact either your school office, the Diocese of Chichester or the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton.