Term dates and school holidays in East Sussex


All schools are partly closed until further notice during the coronavirus outbreak. There are limited places for children of keyworkers. See School closures – advice for keyworkers.

Term dates during coronavirus (COVID-19)

All schools are partly closed from Monday 23 March 2020.

Although schools are partly closed the term dates remain the same.

Term dates XML data
Term dates XML data

Print out term dates in calendar format

School calendar 2019–20

School calendar 2019–20 – Word version

School calendar 2020–21

School calendar 2020–21 – Word version

School calendar 2021–22

School calendar 2021–22 – Word version

How term dates are set

Many people live and work across county borders, so we work with neighbouring local authorities such as Kent, West Sussex and Brighton & Hove, to try to match dates across the region as far as possible. The total number of teaching days and holidays remain the same each year.

Term-time holidays

You should not take your child out of school for a holiday during term time. Headteachers will not authorise the absence unless it is under exceptional circumstances.