Free school meals

Infant Free School Meals

Your child gets free school meals if they’re in:

  • reception class
  • year 1
  • year 2

If you get any of the benefits listed below, your child’s school will get more funding. Apply online now if you’re entitled to make sure your child gets free school meals as they move to Year 3.

Free school meals for children in Year 3 and older

Older children may get free school meals if their parents or carers get any of these benefits:

Children will get free school meals if they meet the criteria and are in:

  • full-time education or;
  • education both before and after lunchtime.

Our Electronic Checking Service might be able to confirm entitlement. If not, you’ll need to show recent proof that you qualify.

If your child attends an East Sussex school, apply to us or to the school. If your child goes to school outside the county, speak to the school.

If your child solely attends one of the following academies, apply to them using their own form:

Secondary academies:

  • King’s Academy Ringmer
  • Ratton School
  • The Eastbourne Academy

Primary academies:

  • ARK Castledown
  • Burfield

Reviewing your application

Once confirmed, your child will get free school meals until we’re told your situation has changed. If this happens, we’ll contact you for up-to-date proof. It’s your job to tell us of changes that may affect your entitlement. If you don’t, you could build up a debt that will have to be repaid.

Further information