What schools are doing

Schools are working with the government, unions and parents and carers to create the safest possible environment for pupils and staff. To reduce the risk of infection with Coronavirus, from autumn 2020:

  • children and staff who are ill must stay at home
  • regular hand washing will be part of the school routine
  • respiratory hygiene will be emphasised - ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’
  • cleaning in schools should be more frequent and thorough
  • if a pupil or staff member displays symptoms, they will be sent home and a test must be booked (through the NHS track and trace)
  • staff or pupils in close contact with an infected person must self-isolate
  • contact should be minimised between pupils and staff in school wherever possible.

Pupils and staff do not have to wear masks or face coverings in classrooms. See our latest guidance on face coverings.

Depending on the layout of the school and the ability of children to socially distance, your school might:

  • group children into ‘bubbles’
  • arrange classrooms with forward facing desks
  • stagger start and finishing times.