Children who are shielding, self-isolating or have coronavirus

Much more is known about coronavirus (COVID-19) than at the beginning of the year. Therefore, the majority of pupils will be able to return to school.

If your child is one of the few unable to attend school because they are complying with clinical and/or public health advice:

  • the school must provide access to remote education
  • their absence will not be penalised.

Children and family members who are shielding

The small number of pupils who remain on the shielded patient list can return to school, as can those who have family members who are shielding.

Some pupils no longer required to shield but who generally remain under the care of a specialist health professional may need to discuss their care with their health professional before returning to school.

This would usually be at their next planned clinical appointment.

If local cases start to rise

If coronavirus rates rise in local areas, children (or family members) from that area, and that area only, will be advised by Public Health England to shield during the period where rates remain high. In this case, they may be temporarily absent.

Children who test positive for coronavirus or have symptoms

If your child has coronavirus symptoms or a positive test result, or if they are a close contact of someone who has coronavirus, they must stay home.

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