After you get your school offer

1. Letting you know

We will send a decision letter on the national offer day.

  • Secondary schools: 1 March 2019
  • Infant/Primary/Junior schools: 16 April 2019

The letter has all the information you need to accept your offer, or to go on a waiting list or appeal.

If you applied online, you will get an email with a link to your decision letter.
If you applied on paper, we will send your decision letter by first class post.

2. Accepting the place allocated

The school allocated will be in contact to explain how you can accept the place offered. If you haven’t heard from them within seven school days please contact the school directly to find out what happens next.

3. Find out why an application may have been unsuccessful

To help you understand the 2019 intake, we’ve given details about the number of preferences stated for each school.

Primary and junior schools

See admissions data relating to all primary and junior schools for the September 2019 intake.

Also, for oversubscribed local authority schools, we have given details of how the places were allocated against the admissions criteria. This includes some academies where the council made decisions on behalf of the school.

Secondary schools

See admissions data relating to all secondary schools for the September 2019 intake.

Also, for oversubscribed local authority schools, we have given details of how the places were allocated against the admissions criteria.

View data from previous years

4. Waiting lists

Your child can join a waiting list for any school listed on your original application.

How to join a waiting list

For local authority schools (ie those controlled by East Sussex County Council)

Please email your child’s name, date of birth, address, relevant siblings and the name(s) of the schools whose waiting list you wish to join to:

Phase transfer waiting list - for children starting primary, junior or secondary school in September 2019

in year waiting list - for all in-year applications

For own admissions authority schools, please contact the school direct.

How waiting lists work

Waiting lists are based on a school’s admissions criteria, not on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. This means a child’s place on a list can go up or down if other children join or leave the list.

Example (for schools controlled by East Sussex County Council): Jack, who lives outside a school’s community area, joins their waiting list in January. Jenny lives inside the school’s community area and joins the waiting list in February. A place becomes available in March. This will be offered to Jenny first as she has a higher priority according to the Admissions rules.

You will be notified in writing if a place becomes available. If this happens before they start school, your child’s previously allocated school will be automatically withdrawn as children can only have one school place at one time. Places you have given up may not be able to be re-offered at a later date.

Once your child has started school, you will be given 10 school days to accept or refuse the place offered.

If you wish to withdraw from a waiting list at any time, you must do so in writing to

Staying on waiting lists

You need to renew the request each term to keep your child on a waiting list. If you don’t renew we’ll remove your child’s name. For local authority schools, please send an email to in year waiting list giving us your child’s name and reminding us of the school(s) in question. For all other schools contact the school directly.

5. Appeals

If you did not get the school place you wanted, you may want to appeal. Our guidance notes explain what you need to consider:

6. Request a change of allocated school

+++ Following a number of withdrawals Chailey School is now available for change of allocation requests. There are limited places and if more requests are received than places then decisions will be made using the published criteria. The deadline for these requests is 30 June and decisions will be sent shortly after.+++

If your preferred school(s) are full for entry in September 2019, we can look into changing your child’s allocated school provided the alternative school did not turn down any applications. It is not possible to express a new preference for a school not listed on your application until 1 September 2019.

Find out which schools may still be available (figures accurate on national allocation date)

Please put your request in an email to and include:

  • your child’s name and date of birth
  • the reasons you wish to change your child’s allocated school
  • the school you wish to be considered.

The decisions on these requests do not carry a right of appeal nor can you join a waiting list. This service is not available for In year applications.


Here’s an example of a family who request a change of allocation:

Sophie’s mum listed Green School, Red School and Blue school as her three preferences in her application for a school place.

As these schools were oversubscribed it was not possible to give Sophie a place at any of the above preferences. Instead Sophie was offered a place at Purple School which was the closest school to the family home with a place available. However, Sophie’s mum likes Orange School better than Purple School. She therefore asks School Admissions if a place is available there. As a place is available, the allocation for Sophie is changed to Orange School and the allocation of Purple is immediately withdrawn as children can only have one offer of a school place.

Sophie’s mum can still go on the waiting list and appeal for schools Green, Red and Blue. This is because the family’s original three preferences have remained the same, it is only the allocated school that has changed.