Apply for a school place

1. Understanding the application process

Although there is no right to choose a school, you have the right to state a preference for the schools that you would like your child to attend.

We recommend that you list three different schools in case your first preference cannot be offered.

Please also see Common mistakes.

Before applying, please make sure you understand the process and criteria for the schools you prefer.

If you live outside East Sussex

Normal entry times

To apply for an East Sussex school you must apply through your ‘home’ local authority if your child is:

  • moving from primary to secondary school
  • starting school for the first time
  • moving from infant to junior school

Your local authority will then pass us the details of your application to consider. They will be responsible for letting you know the outcome.

In-year admissions

All other applications are regarded as outside the normal entry times and are called in-year admissions.

If your application is an in-year admission for an East Sussex school, you can apply online even if you live outside the area.

Thinking of switching school?

You may be thinking of changing schools because your child is experiencing problems at their current school.

Before you apply, we strongly recommend that you discuss the matter with the headteacher and staff of your child’s current school to try and improve things. Changing school can have a negative impact on learning and friendship groups and the new school may not be able to match your child’s subject options

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