Admissions rules - how places are offered in East Sussex schools


We are now only allowing applications for school places in September. We will be asking schools to respond to these between 20–30 June. If you have moved and you require a school place sooner, please apply for the year group the child will be moving to in September and contact your preferred school(s) directly to discuss if they are able to offer you a place now.

5. Siblings

If you want your child to attend the same school as their sibling, you must name that school as one of your preferences.

When you apply, you must tell us about any brothers or sisters and give us their full name and date of birth. If you fail to do this, your application will only be considered on the basis of the other information you provide.

For local authority schools (ie those controlled by ESCC) the Council considers children to be ‘siblings’ if they are full, half, adoptive or foster brother or sister living in the same household and includes siblings attending sixth forms. Other schools may have a different definition – please check to see if they have a different definition and whether siblings are part of their admissions criteria.

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