Admissions rules - how places are offered in East Sussex schools

3. The importance of where you live

Each East Sussex address will fall into an area served by a certain school or set of schools.

Generally speaking, the closer you live to your preferred school, the better your chances of getting a place. However, living in a community area (sometimes known as a catchment area) does not guarantee a place at a particular school. Sometimes your community area school may not actually be your nearest school. Some own admission authority schools do not use areas to decide applications. Please check the school’s admissions criteria if you are in any doubt.

Maps showing the community areas for schools are included in the admissions booklet ‘Apply for a school’

  • maps for primary school areas are in part 2
  • maps for secondary schools are in part 3

If you are unclear which area your address falls into, please contact the Admissions Team.

You must state your child’s home address that is your child’s only or main residence and not an address at which he or she might sometimes stay or sleep.

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