About Schools in East Sussex

2. Types of schools

East Sussex has a wide range of schools in addition to government or state-funded (or ‘maintained’) schools:

  • Academy schools
  • Community schools
  • Free schools
  • Trust schools
  • Voluntary aided church schools
  • Voluntary controlled schools
  • Special schools and specialist facilities

More about each type of school can be found in the Apply for a school booklet (page 4 of part 1).

You can find out what type of school a particular school is, in the following sections of the booklet:

  • primary schools information (Pages 30 – 43 of part 2)
  • secondary schools information (Pages 47 – 50 of part 3)

They all offer education to children of all abilities. East Sussex has no grammar schools. There are also special schools for children in certain circumstances.

Some of the schools set their own admission arrangements. It is important to check this before applying.

Most children with special educational needs, and many children with an Education, Health and Care plan go to mainstream schools. Some children go to specialist facilities in mainstream schools or special schools.

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