About Schools in East Sussex

4. Booklet - Applying for a school

Each year East Sussex County Council produces a booklet called ‘Applying for a school’ which has guidance on how to find the right school for your child.

Part 1 – Includes more more detail about

  • the types of school available
  • starting school and compulsory school age
  • requests for being taught outside a child’s normal age group
  • what we mean by special educational needs and the support available
  • how to find out about a school
  • how school places are allocated if a school is oversubscribed (admissions criteria)
  • once you have your short list, how and when to apply
  • what happens after you have completed your application and when you will hear from us
  • how to appeal
  • applying for a school place during the school year (in-year admissions)
  • home to school transport

The booklet has separate chapters for Primary (Part 2) and Secondary schools (Part 3). The chapters include maps and a table of schools. The tables show brief school details including admissions information which you might find useful.

There is a chapter on Special schools (Part 4) which shows brief details including their specialism.

The chapters in the booklet on

  • Academies (Part 5)
  • Community and Voluntary Controlled schools (Part 6)
  • Free schools (Part 7)
  • Studio / Trust schools and UTC (Part 8)
  • Voluntary Aided Church schools (Part 9)

have the admissions criteria for each school of these particular school types.

Part 10 includes a glossary and useful notes on how to complete the application form.

Read the booklet

The booklet is available to view in schools. To ask for a printed copy of the booklet form, please contact Information for Families.

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