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Use this form to register for instrumental or vocal lessons at schools in East Sussex. We’ll contact you to talk about your child’s needs and confirm how much you’ll need to pay for lessons.

Please note, the East Sussex Music office is closed during school holidays. You can complete this form during the holidays and we’ll get in touch at the start of the next term.

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If you believe you may be entitled to a discount with the fees, you will need to make sure you comply with the criteria before proceeding with your online application.

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We will use email as our first point of contact with you

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Music lessons and instrument hire

Discounted fees for eligible families

Discounts are available on the standard fees quoted below for low income families. Find out if you are eligible for a discount.

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Please do not buy or hire an instrument until you have been contacted by your child's teacher.

We do not hire fifes, recorders, pianos, keyboards, percussion and drum kits or guitars.

Flute tuition begins on a fife (a small, high-pitched flute). You can order a fife and fife tuition book from us for £18. We will add £18 to your first invoice and bring the instrument to your child’s first lesson (please select this option below).

East Sussex Music takes photographs or video during rehearsals, concerts and events. These may be used in publicity material including brochures, programmes, in social media and on our website. For full details, please read the full photographic consent information that you can find at the top of this form.


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