About us and our policies

East Sussex Music provides music lessons and activities for over 7000 children and young people in East Sussex.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, part-funded by central government, to ensure that every child and young person has access to outstanding music.

Our services include:

  • weekly instrumental lessons in local schools in every part of East Sussex
  • bands, choirs and orchestras, including our local Area Music Centres in Crowborough, Eastbourne, Hastings and Lewes
  • a range of creative and exciting music activities at weekends and during the holiday
  • performances, events and training for schools, their staff and pupils

Our team of teachers are made up of qualified school teachers and musicians who are both professional teachers and performers.

We ensure our teachers

  • are offered regular training to make sure their skills are up-to-date
  • adhere to East Sussex County Council’s child safety standards
  • are monitored and supported to ensure the highest standard of teaching

We also work with a range of local and national music education partners to bring the world’s finest music experiences to East Sussex.

Our policies