Transport questionnaire

To complete your application for home to school transport we need you to complete this form. We cannot accept responsibility for transporting your child without this information.

Any relevant information will be made available to the transport provider. You should tell us any information that could affect the health and safety of your child or others around them. It is your responsibility to keep us updated of any changes to your child’s needs.

Find out how we will use your data in our privacy notice.

Before you start

The questionnaire contains 6 sections. It should take 20 minutes to complete. Before starting the questionnaire please make sure you have the below information available.

  • Protocols
  • Medical Information
  • Wheelchair - owner’s manual

Please answer every question on this form, if a question is not relevant, please mark your response as N/A (not applicable).

Personal details

Please give a rough height in centimeters
Please give a rough weight in kilograms

Medical information

Physical disabilities



Can they have a two-way conversation and are they interested in what you are saying?

Further information