Personal Travel Budget (PTB)

We may offer a Personal Travel Budget (PTB) to you if:

  • your child or young adult is eligible for the County Council’s travel assistance to school or college and
  • there is no other suitable transport, like an existing taxi or minibus service

You will be responsible for transporting your child or young adult to school or college and will receive the PTB to help you fund this.

How it works

The County Council makes monthly payments into your bank account. This will not affect other benefits that you may receive. The amount is based on the distance of a return journey from home to school or college. You do not need to show how you spend your child’s PTB. If your child’s attendance drops below 95% we may reconsider the amount paid.

If your child needs a passenger assistant you would need to arrange this yourself at your own cost.

To receive a PTB you will need to first apply for travel assistance. Further information can be found on the following pages:

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