Travel assistance for those aged over 19 with SEND


The deadline for transport applications for September 2022 was 30 April 2022. If you missed the deadline, apply as soon as possible if your child is:
• moving into reception, year 7 or year 12 (even if they are not moving schools)
• changing school (any school year)

3. What support is available?

We will provide the most suitable travel assistance for the young adult. If the application is approved, this will be one of the following:

  • Personal travel budget (PTB)
  • Independent travel training
  • Minibus or taxi: we normally provide shared vehicles. This could be a taxi or minibus depending on the number of people being transported Occasionally we provide a separate taxi for those with complex needs or if there is no alternative

Adult learners will usually only be transported at published college start and finish times. They may be expected to arrive earlier or leave later from college to enable sharing with other adult learners where it is safe to do so. An offer of travel assistance may be part-week. We may also ask for pick up and collection from another location or for parents or carers to assist with parts of a journey.

Travel assistance to respite on term time days can be requested. The County Council will consider these requests using the same criteria as for other travel assistance.

We will also consider applications for travel assistance to residential schools. In these cases, support will usually only be provided at the start and end of each half-term or each week depending on the boarding arrangements. We don’t provide transport at other times or for parental visits for meetings.

Further special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) information on the assistance that we offer can be found in the information for those with:

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