Independent travel training

Children and young adults with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can get help to travel independently. Training is for children or young adults aged between 10 and 19, who are currently receiving travel assistance from us. Further information about our travel assistance, including examples of successful training, can be found at: 

What can travel training provide?

The trainer will work with the child or young adult and family to agree a programme tailored to their journey from home to school or college. The training will then be provided on a one-to-one basis with most of the trips being made with the trainer. The participant will be given more independence over a number of weeks. The final journeys will be made with the trainer following the participant without any contact unless needed.

How do I request training?

Independent Travel Training in East Sussex is provided by National Star College.

Website: National Star College

For further information, or assistance with completing a referral form, you can contact Debbie Baldwin, the Travel Training Team Coordinator on:

Telephone: 0781 500 6582

To apply for training, visiting the website of Lift Travel Training, please complete the referral form on the Website:

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