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The deadline for transport applications for September 2022 was 30 April 2022. If you missed the deadline, apply as soon as possible if your child is:
• moving into reception, year 7 or year 12 (even if they are not moving schools)
• changing school (any school year)

1. Overview

How to make an application

Make sure you have read our web pages to find out who may receive free travel assistance and what we may provide. These can be found via the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) school and college transport pages. Also you can review our policies for detailed information.

You can make an online application at the end of this section. Alternatively, we can provide a paper application form if you would prefer.

The application can be completed by the child or young adult, or anyone who knows them well. You may like to ask the school or key worker to help.

You will need to make a new application if the child or young adult moves house or changes school or college. To qualify for travel assistance they must be attending their nearest suitable school. If they move further away from school they may no longer qualify.

For further support or if you have a question, speak with your Assessment and Planning Officer (APO), or contact us:

How we make our decision

All applications will be considered by an officer.

We may contact you to ask for more information to help us to make a decision. It can take some time to decide, depending on whether we need further information. We aim to inform you of a decision within 20 working days of receipt of the application form.

You will be informed in writing of the officer’s decision.

If your application is approved

When we agree to provide travel assistance, we then consider the best level of assistance to provide, based on the individual case. This could be a free bus or train pass, a personal travel budget (PTB), minibus or taxi.

It can take up to 10 working days for the transport to be set up after it is approved. A full risk assessment of the child’s or young adult’s needs will be completed. We will consider what we need to keep the child or young adult safe. For example they may need a passenger assistant or medical protocols.

You can read further information for those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) who are receiving free transport:

If your application is declined

If travel assistance is declined, we will contact you giving our reasons. You can appeal the decision. Everyone has the right to appeal if they disagree with the initial decision or with the transport arrangements offered. The County Council operates a two-stage appeal process for transport cases.

  • Stage 1 appeals will be considered by a panel of senior officers from across the County Council.
  • Stage 2 appeals are considered by The Discretionary Transport Appeal Panel. This is made up of 3 Councillors with experience in special educational needs and disability (SEND) transport.

You can read further information on the page:

Go to the application form

Click on the following link to be taken to our:

You need to complete the online form in one go. If are on a page too long, usually more than 20 minutes, you may lose your information, so prepare in advance.

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