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The deadline for applications for September 2023 has now passed but you still need to apply if you haven’t already done so.

We need to receive a new application for transport in September for any child who is:
• Moving into reception, year 7 or year 12 (even if they are not moving schools)
• Changing school (any school year)

We will only provide transport if we receive and approve the application. We cannot guarantee that transport will be in place for the start of the September term if your application was received past the deadline.

We provide transport between home and school at the beginning and end of the normal school day.

We normally provide shared vehicles. This could be a taxi or minibus depending on the number of people. Occasionally we provide a separate taxi for those with complex needs, or if there is no alternative.

We carefully consider their needs and risk assess everyone we transport. This ensures their safety and wellbeing. We respond and may make changes if issues arise. However, we cannot provide a choice of who your child shares a taxi or minibus with.

If your child needs to travel in a wheelchair, we will provide an adapted vehicle. We do not provide a passenger assistant on all vehicles. We will provide a passenger assistant when there is evidence that a student needs one.

Travel arrangements

We will contact you to confirm where and when we will pick up and drop your child. This is usually the home address, but we may ask to pick up or collect from another location. We may also ask for parents or carers to assist with parts of a journey.

Make sure your child is ready at the agreed time. The vehicle cannot wait for more than five minutes after pick up time. You must bring your child to and collect them from the vehicle. If no one is there to collect your child, we will take them to a safe place. You will need to collect them from there.

Issues or changes to arrangements

Contact the transport company if your child cannot go to school for any reason. (We will ensure that you have all the contact details that you need before the transport arrangements start).

If there are any other issues that the transport company cannot resolve, contact the Specialist Contract Team:

What we cannot provide

We do not include transport to attend:

  • breakfast or after school clubs
  • parents evening or taster days
  • fixed term exclusions
  • school or educational trips
  • medical appointments
  • work experience
  • off-site educational placements
  • late start or early finish due to exams

Residential schools

If your child attends a residential school they may qualify for travel assistance. You will usually only qualify for free transport at the start and end of each half-term, or each week, depending on the boarding arrangements.

We do not provide transport at other times, or for parental visits for meetings.

Let us know if circumstances change

You will need to make a new application if your child:

  • moves house, or
  • changes school or college

To qualify for travel assistance, they must be attending the nearest suitable school or college. If they move further away from the school they may no longer qualify.

Make a new application

For further support or if you have a question, speak with your special educational needs (SEN) caseworker.

For support with the application process and whether you qualify:

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