Travel assistance for those aged 16 to 19 with SEND


The deadline for transport applications for September 2022 was 30 April 2022. If you missed the deadline, apply as soon as possible if your child is:
• moving into reception, year 7 or year 12 (even if they are not moving schools)
• changing school (any school year)

2. Who gets travel assistance?

The following criteria must be met for an application to be considered.

The student must:

  • live in East Sussex
  • have a current Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • be on a full time course (or equivalent)
  • be attending the nearest suitable school or college to home
  • be unable to travel to school or college on their own

We will then consider the circumstances of the student, their family, and their broader network. This will help us to decide whether it is necessary to provide travel assistance. Parents or carers will be expected to prioritise transporting the student over other commitments.

Further information on how we decide who gets travel assistance can be found in:

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