Medical transport application form

Applications are processed in two stages:

  • Eligibility: we will decide if there is an entitlement under the policy and aim to make a decision within 10 working days of receiving an application.
  • Travel arrangements: deciding which mode of travel is appropriate. This can typically take up to 10 working days once transport has been authorised.

We make every effort to complete transport arrangements as quickly as possible, but you will need to make your own travel arrangements until the travel permit or hired service is available.

Transport is supplied to get children between their home and school for the timetabled school day. At other times, you will have to make your own arrangements.

You must inform us immediately if you move house or your child changes school.

If you need to send us any paper documents, please send them to the address below with your child’s name clearly marked.

Admissions and Transport team
East Sussex County Council
County Hall
St Anne’s Crescent
East Sussex

Email: Admissions and Transport team

Parent/carer details

Parent/carer medical condition or disability

Child's details

School details


Start time / finish time
Start time / finish time
Start time / finish time
Start time / finish time
Start time / finish time

Child's transport needs

eg vision or hearing

Please note that the final decision on whether transport is awarded and the final arrangements and duration will be at the discretion of the Local Authority. If transport is awarded it will be reviewed regularly.

Medical evidence

Please note that a fee may be charged by your GP or consultant for supplying relevant medical evidence and any costs must be met by the parent/carer – the Authority does not have a duty to pay for this evidence.