Home to school distance

Your child will qualify for free school transport if:

  • they are 8 years old or over and live more than 3 miles (4,828 metres) away or
  • they are under 8 years old and live more than 2 miles (3,218 metres) away

We assess school transport when we allocate school places. There is no need to apply. We will ask you to confirm you want us to make the transport arrangements.
We measure distances by the shortest available walking route using our Geographical Information System (GIS).

In all cases we assume your child will:

  • walk with a responsible adult
  • have suitable clothes and footwear (for wet weather or a muddy path)
  • wear reflective bands and carry a torch if needed.

Suitable routes to school include:

  • crossing fields
  • wooded areas
  • bridleways
  • public footpaths
  • public rights of way.

See What do eligible children get?

Contact the Admissions and Transport team for more information.

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