Starting transport in September

What happens if my child qualifies for free transport?

If your child qualifies for free transport we will email you.

The emails will be sent from July onwards. They will explain what you need to do to register for transport and who to contact if you aren't able to register online.

The email for low income families will be sent in early August due to the cut-off deadline for applications in July.

If you haven't heard from us or something has changed

Contact the Admissions team to apply for free transport if:

If you know someone who didn’t get a school transport email, don’t share your email. They will need to apply to the Admissions team.

Where and when we send new passes

We will send the following to your home address during August:

  • Freedom Passes for travel on buses in East Sussex
  • Travel permits for our hired coaches
  • Rail Key cards

These will be sent to the home address we ask you to confirm online.

Please see Timetable and ticket information for our timetables.

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