Consultation for 2024-25

Admission authorities are required to consult on any proposed changes to admission arrangements for their 2024-25 intakes.  

This consultation must take place between 1 October 2022 and 31 January 2023.  The admission authority must then set their arrangements by 28 February 2023.

You can find East Sussex County Council's consultation here: Admissions consultation survey 2024-25

The draft admission arrangements for 2024-25 are here: Proposed admission criteria 2024-25 [259.3 KB] [pdf]

Find information on the proposed priority 3 here: Proposed priority 3 information [129.3 KB] [pdf]

Find information on the proposed area here:  Proposed area change rationale [84.5 KB] [pdf] 

Find maps showing the proposed area here:  Proposed area change map [1.3 MB] [pdf]

Find the proposed published admission numbers here: Proposed admission numbers [473.8 KB] [pdf]

Find the draft co-ordinated schemes here: Proposed scheme of primary admissions [403.9 KB] [pdf]; Proposed scheme for secondary admissions [401.7 KB] [pdf]; Proposed scheme for in year admissions 2023-24 [375.3 KB] [pdf]

The agreed admission arrangements for in year admissions in 2023-24 are here for information: 2023-24 in year admission arrangements [276.7 KB] [pdf]

Any other admission authorities in the county who are consulting on their arrangements will have the details on their websites, and details will appear on this page as we receive them.

Current consultations:

Hurst Green CE Primary Academy (closes 19 December 2022): Hurst Green Consultation information; Hurst Green Admission arrangements [310.2 KB] [pdf]

Northiam CE Primary Academy (closes 19 December 2022): Northiam Consultation information [92.5 KB] [pdf]; Northiam Admission arrangements [211.9 KB] [pdf]

Pebsham Primary Academy (closes 22 November 2022): Pebsham Primary Academy Consultation

Rye Primary Academy (closes 16 December 2022): Rye Primary consultation letter [316.1 KB] [pdf]; Rye Primary Admission arrangements 2024-25 (draft) [220.3 KB] [pdf]

St Mary Star of the Sea RC Primary School (closes 19 January 2022): St Mary Star consultation letter [99.4 KB] [pdf]; St Mary Star Draft admissions policy 2024-25 [739.0 KB] [pdf]; St Mary Star draft SIF [326.9 KB] [pdf]

Seaford Head Academy (closes 6 January 2023): Seaford Head Academy Admission arrangements [187.0 KB] [pdf]

The Haven CE and Methodist Primary School (closes 11 December 2022): The Haven Primary School consultation

Peacehaven Heights Academy (closes 28 December 2022) Peacehaven Heights consultation [748.3 KB] [pdf]

Telscombe Cliffs Academy (closes 28 December 2022) Telscombe Cliffs consultation [750.0 KB] [pdf]

Peacehaven Heights Academy and Telscombe Cliffs Academy Questionnaire [50.9 KB] [docx]