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3. Find out why an application may have been unsuccessful

To help you understand the 2024 intake, you'll find details on this page about the number of preferences stated for each school. 

Preference data on national allocation day

Primary and Junior schools including infant schools

Data for the 2024 primary and junior intake [36.7 KB] [xlsx]

Secondary schools

Data for the 2024 secondary intake [23.1 KB] [xlsx]

If you use assistive technology such as a screen reader, please contact us, and we will do our best to help. We will contact you about the next step.

Telephone: 0300 330 9472
Email: Admissions and Transport Team

Data from past years

Find out why an application may have been unsuccessful

For oversubscribed local authority administered schools, we have given the criterion and distance(measure in a straight-line) of the last child allocated. If the tiebreaker was applied, we have stated the distance that relates to the furthest child allocated a place at the school within that admission priority.

Primary and junior schools

All Saints CE Primary School, Bexhill 316m in Priority 4
Catsfield CE Primary School 4,544m in Priority 6
Chantry Community Primary School* 1,172m in Priority 4
Chiddingly Primary School 2,945m in Priority 6
Churchwood Community Primary Academy* 2,464m in Priority 4
Cradle Hill Community Primary School 3,028 in Priority 6
Denton Community School 372m in Priority 4
Ditchling (St Margaret's) CE Primary School 5,099m in Priority 6
Etchingham CE Primary School 3,667m in Priority 6
Forest Row CE Primary School All on-time offered
Harbour Primary & Nursery School 690m in Priority 4
Harlands Primary School 740m in Priority 4
Hellingly Community Primary School 2,285m in Priority 4
Herstmonceux CE Primary School 4,524m in Priority 6
Langney Primary Academy* 2,775m in Priority 4
Meridian Primary School 715m in Priority 4
Netherfield CE Primary School 5,574m in Priority 6
Ninfield CE Primary School* 5,006m in Priority 6
Parkland Infant School* 1,318m in Priority 4
Parkside Community Primary School 1,271m in Priority 4
Polegate School 2,011m in Priority 6
Rocks Park Primary School 3,240m in Priority 6
Sandown Primary School 2,350m in Priority 4
South Malling CE Primary School 818m in Priority 4
St Leonards CE Primary Academy* 1,490m in Priority 5
Stone Cross School 337m in Priority 6
Stonegate CE Primary School 3,559m in Priority 6
Wallands Community Primary School 1,074m in Priority 4
White House Academy* Late - 363m in priority 4
Willingdon Primary School 2,196m in Priority 6
Wivelsfield Primary School 2,994m in Priority 6

If your child was refused an own admission school you will need to contact them directly to request this information.

Junior schools

All preferences were met.

Secondary schools


Furthest place offered in metres (m)

Chailey School

6,117m in category 6*

Claverham Community College

6,645m in category 6

Heathfield Community College

9,789m in category 6

Robertsbridge Community College

16,000m in category 6

Willingdon Community School

8,831m in category 4

*Please note the information for Chailey School have been corrected due to an incorrect distance being given previously.


  • Category 1 children allocated Looked After
  • Category 2 children allocated in-area sibling
  • Category 3 children of staff members contracted to work at the school in question
    a) The member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at
    the time at which the application for admission to the school is made, and/or
    b) The member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a
    demonstrable skill shortage
  • Category 4 children allocated in-area
  • Category 5 children allocated out-area sibling
  • Category 6 children allocated outside area


The following schools manage their own admissions and were also oversubscribed. Please contact them for details on why they were unable to offer a place:

Ark Alexandra Academy

Beacon Academy

Gildredge House

King's Academy Ringmer

Peacehaven Community School

Priory School

Seaford Head School

St Catherine's College

St Richard's Catholic College

The Cavendish School

Uplands Academy

All other East Sussex Schools were able to offer places to all on-time applicants who were not offered a higher preference.

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