Customer feedback

9. You said, we did

We welcome your feedback on our website and emails. Here are some examples of the changes we’ve made in response to feedback provided by our customers.

You said… We did…

Our existing content was confusing and you were unable to find where to make an application for a school place.

Edited content into guide steps. This approach breaks down the information provided for the benefit of the customer.

Our Blue Badge web pages were confusing and it was not clear how customers could renew or return Blue Badges.

Revised the layout of the information to make the required information clearer for customers to see.

Our Sheltered Housing page directed customers to information not specific enough. Customers were required to continue searching online resources to find information.

Replaced main link on the page with links that redirected customers to the relevant District and Borough housing departments within East Sussex.

The Registration Service’s web pages should link to other sections of Council website where relevant following death of relative.

Added suitable links to Adult Social Care services that are commonly contacted after the death of a relative.

If you would like to provide your feedback about our website, please do using the numbered icons which are placed on most of our pages.

Last updated: December 2020

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