East Sussex Outbreak Control Plan for Covid-19


National lockdown: Stay at Home rules now apply in East Sussex.

We will update our service pages when government release the full details.

COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection

East Sussex County Council has produced a Covid-19 Outbreak Control Plan, as required by the Government, to prevent cases of the virus where possible in East Sussex and to respond to any local outbreaks.

Covid-19 (a coronavirus) was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation in March after sustained global transmission.

East Sussex County Council, like all upper-tier local authorities, was asked to produce a first version of a local control plan by the end of June. The plan will evolve over time.

The plan covers the following areas:

  • Care homes and schools
  • High risk places, settings and communities
  • Testing
  • Contact tracing
  • Integrated data
  • Supporting vulnerable people
  • Governance

Planning to prevent and respond to cases of Covid-19 in our communities requires a whole system and multi-agency approach, including the Government’s Test and Trace programme. A wide range of stakeholders have contributed and commented on this East Sussex Outbreak Control Plan, and will continue to shape its development.

The East Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board, which includes members of both the county council and borough and district councils, will have oversight of the plan’s delivery.

More detail on operational delivery elements will be added to the Outbreak Control Plan as more guidance is produced nationally and as the national Joint Biosecurity Centre becomes fully operational.

For more information please contact Public Health Enquiries