Coronavirus - community hubs

What is a community hub?

Community hubs are the contact point that residents of East Sussex can turn to if they:

  • feel they need extra help in coping with the effects of coronavirus
  • know someone else who needs help.

Many people will already have the support they need from family, friends, carers or neighbours and will not need their community hub. But it’s vital that no one is left on their own if they feel isolated, unwell or anxious. No one in East Sussex will be left on their own. This is the need community hubs are meeting.

Who can use a community hub?

Anyone who feels they need extra support and has no other way to get it can use a hub.

The Sussex Resilience Forum (emergency services, health, local government and other partners) are already co-ordinating supplies for extremely vulnerable people who have been told to stay home for 12 weeks. But if there is something else they need, they can get in touch with a hub.

Who may need support from a hub

Vulnerable people Shielded people
(extremely vulnerable)
Other people who may not need a hub

Contact a hub if you’re:

  • alone
  • worried
  • unwell
  • short of money
  • can’t get medicine, food or other essentials


  • there is no one living near you who you know and can trust to help.

Contact a hub if:

  • your GP told you have an extreme medical condition
  • you’re getting food delivered to your home while you shield yourself for 12 weeks


  • there is something else you need.

Please consider NOT contacting a hub if you have:

  • nearby family
  • carers
  • friends
  • neighbours

who you can trust and rely on to help you (and
who are not vulnerable themselves).

Contact your local community hub

There are five hubs – one in each part of the county. They are usually open during working hours, 9am to 5pm, although this will vary slightly from hub to hub. Each one can be reached online or by phone.


Website: Lewes and Eastbourne Councils
Phone: 01323 679722


Website: Hastings Borough Council
Phone: 01424 451019


Website: Lewes and Eastbourne Councils
Phone: 01273 099956


Website: Rother District Council
Phone: 01424 787000 (option 4)


Website: Wealden District Council
Phone: 01323 443322

How the hubs work

The community hubs are a partnership between the voluntary sector, health service, county council and district and borough councils in East Sussex.

They will listen to people’s needs and put them in touch with the group or person best placed to help locally. That might be:

  • local voluntary group to pick up food or medicine for people
  • volunteers to talk to people who feel isolated
  • access to food banks
  • health provider to consider treatment
  • advisers on finance, benefits or other welfare measures.

Community hubs leaflet

You can also download and print our handy Coronavirus: need help leaflet to use yourself or to distribute in your local area.

This leaflet is also available in 32 other languages.

Extra support information leaflet

For information on who to contact if you need extra support and other useful information, please download our leaflet:

Please email Policy and Strategy Admin to request this leaflet in a different format or language.