Coronavirus (COVID-19) – help and support

East Sussex County Council is working with partners in the NHS, Public Health England, the Government and local services to manage the situation and to help and protect you.

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East Sussex coronavirus statistics

East Sussex has one of the lowest infection rates in England. See the latest data.

East Sussex Outbreak Control Plan

Measures to identify and contain outbreaks and protect the public’s health in East Sussex.

Coronavirus tests in Sussex

If you develop symptoms, get a test. Find out how to get a test in Sussex.

Three-tier local alert levels

Information on the three-tier alert system and restrictions introduced by Government.

NHS tracing app

Advice for businesses and residents about the new NHS tracing app.

Community support

Advice and help from local groups, volunteers and Community Hubs.

Businesses and employment

National and local support for businesses, self-employed and sole traders. Advice for workers.

Grants and funding advice

Find out about funds available to help charities, CICs and community groups.

Government support for isolating on low-incomes

Details about the government’s support package to enforce self-isolation for those on low incomes.

Latest service disruption updates

Our central point for news about disruption to council services.

Adult social care and health providers

The latest guidance for our service providers in East Sussex.

Schools, children and families’ services

Advice for key workers and parents on school or nursery places, Children’s Centres and health visiting.

Health and wellbeing advice

Advice on staying safe and taking care of your health and wellbeing.

Shopping and food delivery

How you can get help with shopping and food delivery, whether you’re shielding or not.