Easy read: COVID-19 support

These easy read guides help people with learning disabilities to understand the support available and latest COVID-19 rules.

Easy read leaflets

An information guide about COVID-19 for adults with learning disabilities in East Sussex.

Easy read information guide to COVID-19 [2.7 MB] [pdf]

This guide explains lots of different things to do with COVID-19 in easy read.

You can use this guide to help you understand government rules and updates about COVID-19.

Other easy read resources

Long-COVID: an easy read guide [12.8 MB] [pdf]

Using a pulse oximeter to check COVID-19 patients [2.6 MB] [pdf]

How to wear a face covering [371.2 KB] [pdf]


This video explains what happens when you get the vaccine:

A video about the COVID-19 vaccine for people with learning disabilities