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The 2012 Welfare Reform Act is making the biggest changes to the welfare benefits system since the 1940s. These changes are being rolled out at different times across the country until 2017. Download the East Sussex timetable of changes to benefits.

Discretionary East Sussex Support Scheme (DESSS)

Providing emergency help in certain situations.

Welfare benefits helplines

Welfare benefit helplines available in East Sussex

Benefits administered by the DWP

A rundown of recent changes to benefits administered by the Department of Work and Pensions

Universal Credit

Information about the roll-out of Universal Credit in East Sussex, and where people can go for more advice

Changes to the benefit cap

Changes to the benefit cap in East Sussex, starting in autumn 2016

Benefits for families

Information on benefits for families on GOV.UK

Welfare benefits briefings

The most recent briefings from East Sussex County Council's welfare reform project

Help with health costs

Information on NHS Choices about the help available when paying for healthcare