I'm in care - who can help me?

If you’re living away from your family, contact the Children in Care Council (CICC). They can help if you have a question, want to talk or have something to say.

Call the CICC coordinator, Meshelle Carmody, on 07920 591 138 or 01323 463 143.

Email the Children in Care Council

Also Asphaleia can heIp you when…

  • You need someone to help you have your say

If you are in care or have an East Sussex social worker, you can get help from an advocacy service.

Independent advocates enable you to:

  • have your voice heard
  • have your wishes and feelings taken into account, and
  • provide the tools you need to make an informed decision

Call their freephone number 0800 129 9300 to request an advocate

  • You need a buddy

If you are in care, you can use the Independent Visitor (IV) befriending service.

Independent Visitors are volunteer adults. They support children and young people looked after by East Sussex County Council. IVs meet you on monthly visits and get to know you sharing fun activities.

Contact Asphaleia

Call 01323 324010 for general and referral enquiries

Or email ESCCAdvocacy@asphaleia.co.uk