Annual review of EHC plan


4. After your review meeting

The school will send the annual review paperwork and any recommendations to us within 2 weeks of the meeting.

We’ll decide whether to update the plan, keep it as it is or stop the plan.

We will tell you our decision within 2 weeks of receiving the paperwork from the school.

Then, if we are updating the plan we will prepare a Proposed Amended EHC plan and send it to you for comment.

You’ll then have 15 days to send us your comments on the EHC plan and express a preference for a school or college for your child.

You can also ask for a meeting with us during the 15 days. You can also ask for an education personal budget.

We will consider your comments carefully and will send you an Amended Final EHC plan. We will do this within 8 weeks of sending you the Proposed Amended EHC plan.

If you don’t agree with us, you can consider mediation and appeal.

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